Interpreting in Genetics

The overall purpose of this project is to improve communication about genetics and genetically-related health conditions between service providers and limited-English-proficient patients and their families by improving interpreters’ understanding of the content they are conveying.

Project Objectives

  1. Develop a trainer’s curriculum for three 5-hour genetics-related courses: prenatal genetics, pediatric genetics and developmental genetics.
  2. Prepare a cadre of professional interpreter trainers from around the United States to offer these on-site courses to interpreters through interpreter associations in their regions.
  3. Post and publicize the curricula on-line for free download by other interpreter trainers.
  4. Adapt the three courses to a non-mediated on-line format with continuing education credits so that isolated interpreters can also access it.

Curriculum Developers

Healthcare Interpreter Network

Cynthia E. Roat, MPH

Galen Joesph, PhD

Interpreting for Autism Spectrum Disorder Materials

Day 1 Materials

Day 2 Materials

Trainer Materials

Interpreting for Pediatric Genetics Materials

Introduction to Pediatric Genetics Powerpoint
Trainers Available to Teach Pediatric Genetics Curriculum

Interpreting for Prenatal Genetics Materials

Introduction to Prenatal Genetics Powerpoint
Trainers Available to Teach Prenatal Genetics Curriculum