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Each Regional Genetics Network (RGN) is “implementing evidence-based innovative models of telehealth and/or telemedicine with a focus on clinical genetics outreach”. The RGNs accomplish this goal by offering training programs for genetics providers on telemedicine modalities and developing educational tools and resources to support genetics providers who implement telemedicine. Find resources developed by the RGNs and NCC and see some telemedicine highlights below.

Telegenetics Training Program

Each RGN provides telegenetics training to genetics providers. If you are interested in learning more about your region’s training program, complete the form below.

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Telemedicine Videos

Midwest developed a three-part video series that informs patients and families about telemedicine and how it may be utilized in their care.

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For primary care providers in NERGN, the region provides eConsult support to a genetics provider.

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Telegenetics Community of Practice

To genetics providers in the NYMAC region, NYMAC offers the Telegenetics Community of Practice which provides a community forum for providers utilizing telemedicine.

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Telegenetics Grants

Several regions offer equipment or small grant support to providers seeking telemedicine set-up assistance. Learn about Midwest’s grantees below.

Midwest Grantees

Telemedicine Manual

Heartland developed a how-to-guide for genetics providers wanting to start telemedicine in their practice.

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