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Mountain States Regional Genetics Network Genetics Summit 2022: Genomic Tools, Edwin Oh

12/08/2022 11:30am
Mountain States Regional Genetics Network (MSRGN)

View this presentation by Dr. Edwin Oh, an Associate Professor of Neurogenetics and Precision Medicine Lab of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas. Here he explained how Using Genomic Tools to Interrogate Infectious Diseases and Genetic Disorders in Southern Nevada. The COVID-19 pandemic in the United States was exacerbated by the inability to track infections in a timely manner. Testing of humans revealed new public health challenges due to the lack of test kits and perhaps equally important, the lack of symptoms in up to 70% of infected communities. To address the testing challenge, Dr. Oh and his lab developed wastewater and clinical sequencing programs in Nevada to provide a cost-effective and scalable method to track the transmission of SAR-CoV-2. Given their experiences in sequencing, they have also examined how they can interrogate copy number variation in rare neurodevelopmental diseases.

You can claim CME (Physician), CNE/CE (Nurse), CPE (Pharmacist), PA-CME (Physician Assistant), and CEU (Genetic Counselors) credits for this session.


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