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Global Genetics and Genomics Community

02/12/2021 6:32pm
Global Genetics and Genomics Community

The G3C (Global Genetics and Genomics Community) learning portal presents a bilingual collection of interactive cases that demonstrate how genetics and genomics link to health and illness. G3C is free to all users and encourages students and practicing healthcare providers to address the multi-dimensional needs of patients through various self-guided, video-taped “patient-provider” interview simulations.

Throughout each patient scenario, there are links to resources and supplemental educational activities to expand upon genetic/genomic learning concepts. At the end of each patient encounter, learners are prompted to make a recommendation to their “patient” and are assessed across multiple domains such as risk assessment, family history, and patient medical history.

All cases include educator support content that offers suggestions on how to utilize each case in the classroom, curriculum, or as part of continuing education.

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