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Clinical Research Education in Genome Science (CREiGS) Short Course

02/12/2021 6:32pm

The mission of CREiGS is to train doctoral students, postdoctoral scholars, residents, and faculty from academic institutions across the nation to become methodologically proficient in genome science for clinical research. The overall goal of CREiGS is to provide formal applied training with an emphasis on genetic epidemiology, statistical methods, computational tools, and engaging underrepresented populations in genomics research. Participants of CREiGS will be able to apply the necessary quantitative, logical, and computational skills to successfully collaborate within clinical and translational, multidisciplinary research teams by fulfilling the following Core Objectives:

• To develop a solid foundation in genome science necessary to independently carry out small-scale clinical research projects

• To proficiently apply appropriate statistical methods, machine learning techniques, and computational tools to perform data manipulation and rigorous and reproducible preliminary or intermediate analyses of genetics and genomics data for clinical and translational research.

• To accurately interpret the relevant findings from independently conducted clinical research projects in genome science.

• To integrate effective strategies for the successful engagement of diverse populations in genomics studies.

• To evaluate the integrity of genomics data, with respect to how it was collected and analyzed, and identify the major threats to the internal and external validity of the study findings.

• To effectively communicate important findings from genomic studies independently carried out or in the scientific literature to research collaborators, clinical providers, patients, and community stakeholders.

• To develop optimal communication strategies for successful, multidisciplinary, clinical research collaboration with statisticians, bioinformaticians, genetic epidemiologists, and other experts in genome science.


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