The use of technology in a healthcare setting can allow a patient, without local access to geneticist, to receive a genetics assessment and it can allow a primary care provider to contact a genetics provider to become better equipped to provide care to an individual with a complex genetic disorder. NCC will work with the seven RGNs, NGEFC, HRSA, and national partners (such as the American Telemedicine Association) to support training of genetics and non-genetics provider in telemedicine tools and work to develop health outcome measures that demonstrate the utility of telemedicine services.

Telegenetics Workgroup Information


Peter Antal, PhD
Leah Burke, MD


Katharine Bisordi
Kathy Chou
Carol Greene, MD
Alissa Terry, MS, CGC
Beth Vogel, MS, CGC


Hans Andersson, MD
Yetsa Osara, MPH
Theresa Pringle, MPH
Ami Rosen


Jane Pilditch


Lori Williamson Dean, MS, CGC, LGC (Co-Chair)
Brad Schaefer, MD


Dale Alverson, MD
Kathryn Hassell, MD
Celia Kaye, MD, PhD
Annette Lara, MBA
Janet Thomas, MD


Lila Aiyar, MS, CGC
Sylvia Mann, MS, CGC (Co-Chair)
Michelle Takemoto, MS, CGC

National Genetics Education and Family Suppoort Center

James O’Leary, MBA


David Flannery, MD
Alisha Keehn, MPA
Megan Lyon, MPH
Deborah Maiese, MPA
Sanjyot Sangodkar, MEM
Michael Watson, PhD, MS

*Updated 07/2-18