Healthcare Access and Financing

Browse and engage with legislative and insurance policies.

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Find information about state Medicaid programs and state/federal policy efforts.

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Engage in our LIFT blog or add policies you would like to see us track.

3. Understand Genetics Policies

By utilizing the NCC LIFT tools, you will have a better understanding of the genetic service delivery system.

Policy Engagement Tools

  • State and Federal Legislation and Regulations

    Utilizing the CQ State/Statetrack legislative tracking system, NCC has developed tracking reports in the following categories: general genetics, genetics professionals, disease-specific, and genetic testing.

    Access Here

  • State Medicaid Genetics Policies

    NCC compiles written genetic service policies from each state Medicaid program. Find information about your state and submit up to date information.

    Access Here

  • LIFT Alerts

    Once a quarter NCC publishes the LIFT newsletter to provide an overview of the current genetic service delivery system. In addition to the quarterly memo, LIFT alerts are published when there is breaking policy news.

Healthcare Access and Financing Workgroup Information


Karen Volle


Joann Bodurtha, MD, MPH
Luba Djurdjinovic, MS


Hans Andersson, MD
Theresa Pringle


Jane Pilditch, MPA


Ann Chou, PhD
Lori Williamson Dean, MS, CGC, LGC


Kathryn Hassell, MD
Janet Thomas, MD
Kristi Wees


Sylvia Mann, MS, CGC

National Genetics Education and Family Support Center

Natasha Bonhomme
Molly Martzke


Soohyun Kim, MPH, CPH
Debi Sarkar, MPH

Catalyst Center

Meg Comeau, MHA (Co-Chair)


David Flannery, MD, FACMG
Susanna Ginsburg, MBA (Co-Chair)
Alisha Keehn, MPA
Annie Li
Megan Lyon, MPH
Maximilian Muenke, MD

*Updated 10/2020