Genetics and Genomics Education

In collaboration with the seven RGNs and NGEFC, NCC works to develop and disseminate educational resources to primary care providers, public health, and families. Projects include developing new ACT sheets and Algorithms and developing a training program that can educate healthcare interpreters on genetics. Additionally, NCC will strive to create an interactive online environment that will allow educational resources developed at the regional level to be shared nationally.

Genetics and Genomics Education Workgroup Information


Peter Antal, PhD
Ed Kloza, MS, CGC


Joann Bodurtha, MD, MPH
Virginia Sack


Hans Andersson, MD
Elizabeth Lahaie, MS
Rani Singh, PhD
Nicholette Walano, MS, CGC


Danielle Baumgartner
Susan Berry, MD
Mat Edick, PhD (Co-Chair)


Lori Williamson Dean, MS, CGC, LGC


Kathryn Hassell, MD
Joyce Hooker
Annette Lara, MBA
Kristi Wees


Lila Aiyar, MS, CGC (Co-Chair)
Austin Bland, MS, CGC
Nini Shridhar

National Genetics Education and Family Support Center

Joel Lopez


Debi Sarkar, MPH
Joan Scott, MS, CGC
Jill Shuger, ScM


Alisha Keehn, MPA
Megan Lyon, MPH
Sanjyot Sangodkar, MEM
Michael Watson, PhD, MS

*Updated 08/2019